One month in and our brick and mortar doors are open.

We did it!!! We finally did it, we took our 2 year old basement business and moved it into a real retail space. Pinch me now!!! 

What a real adventure the last few months have been; to signing agreements, designing, building, decorating, shopping inventory, marketing, planning a grand opening and the list goes on. There were a lot of ups and downs and joy and nervousness as we took this leap. 

We are so pleased beyond words to meet everyone who walks through the door and support our store.

Tomorrow it will officially be a month since our grand opening and man has it been a great month! 

Share our story, share about our store, tell your friends about the insanely low prices on pre loved maternity and more. Tell them they can consign their items with us for cash back in their pocket. Now that we are open we need your help spreading the word. 

With Love,